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South Bay Hard Core screenings

Sad Boy Sinister is the band at the heart of our film SOUTH BAY HARD CORE, a documentary that depicts the struggles of a punk band to stay alive, 25 years in. Family-work-jail-cops-parties-drugs-enemies; this film tackles the story in a no holds-barred, fast paced style. Keep your eyes open for screenings; there are  festivals in the future, we’ll announce them soon!


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Lost in Translation

Madison Monroe was the translator for our new film INVASIVE, and has been a pleasure to work with. We laughed at some of the words we had to subtitle. Example: Fulano – Old what’s his name? (I think). Here she is with Enrique Marquez Banda, the Shepherd at the heart of this new Documentary coming soon. Enrique and Madison

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Commercial work

Cinemagraph Films has a short but strong body of commercial work of which there will be a demo reel up shortly. Reflecting on this work today, I am proud to employ  from around the community to keep this dream of ours – to create, to tell stories, to burn – alive. Here’s Rosie Mastache, Location sound recorder, running sound for our Captured by Porches shoot a while back. The Sci-fi work she’s currently producing is awesome!

Rosie (Michaela) Mastache - location sound for CbyP commercial shoot.

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Academy screens a Sidebottom Family film…

Well – Herman Barfield, my great-grandfather for whom I am named, shot one film. Four minutes long; It was filmed in 1917, two years before he died, and that film is now archived with the Academy of Motion Pictures, Art and Sciences and will be part of a screening entitled ORPHAN FILMS happening at the Academy Theatre later in May. My father and I are going, and are honored to have his legacy be remembered by this event. The event features rare films and new archival info, Rick Prelinger will be on hand to discuss archiving issues and topics, Penelope Spheeris will show her 1969 short, SHIT! HAPPENS; all in all the day will be a lot of fun for those of us who find interest in these things. 

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